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Mama's PrayerSmall Town Revival
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Anointed, timeless, and harmonically rich- Small Town Revival’s unique dynamics offer a sound that encompasses all of this and more. This family group has been singing together since April of 2013. Deon Unthank with So Gospel News stated, “They have made giant strides in an industry that does not readily accept new groups.” In the last few years, Small Town Revival, formerly known as "The Pruitt Family" has celebrated a #8 and a #16 on the national charts, with their first two releases ‘Bring It All to Jesus,’ and ‘You Don’t Even Want to Make Me Pray.’

Over and over, Small Town Revival captures the hearts of listeners everywhere.  The group, consisting of mom and dad, Mark and Tina, along with their two daughters, Brooke and Alexis, are based out of Jefferson, Georgia, a small town just north of Atlanta. In April of 2020, they released their newest single and music video, ‘Mama's Prayer,’ written by Brooke Pruitt and Matthew Browder. Matthew Browder and John Darin Rowsey produced the song, and it was recorded at one of the most well known studios in Nashville- Martina McBride’s Blackbird. With an ongoing list of amazing studio musicians, such as Gordon Mote and Brent Mason, it is a work of instrumental genius, and lives up to the hype.


“We’re just willing vessels,” Tina Pruitt comments, “As long as the Lord opens the doors, we will walk through them. Our goal in this is to spread the message of the grace and love of Jesus Christ any and everywhere we go.” Continuously, God is expanding their territory across the nation and throughout North America. Carrying the anointing with them to every concert, Small Town Revival’s lush harmonies and sublime passion create a captivating experience for every listener.